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Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 7

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Package java.awt.print

Provides classes and interfaces for a general printing API.


Interface Summary
Interface Description
Pageable The Pageable implementation represents a set of pages to be printed.
Printable The Printable interface is implemented by the print methods of the current page painter, which is called by the printing system to render a page.
PrinterGraphics The PrinterGraphics interface is implemented by Graphics objects that are passed to Printable objects to render a page.

Class Summary
Class Description
Book The Book class provides a representation of a document in which pages may have different page formats and page painters.
PageFormat The PageFormat class describes the size and orientation of a page to be printed.
Paper The Paper class describes the physical characteristics of a piece of paper.
PrinterJob The PrinterJob class is the principal class that controls printing.

Exception Summary
Exception Description
PrinterAbortException The PrinterAbortException class is a subclass of PrinterException and is used to indicate that a user or application has terminated the print job while it was in the process of printing.
PrinterException The PrinterException class and its subclasses are used to indicate that an exceptional condition has occurred in the print system.
PrinterIOException The PrinterIOException class is a subclass of PrinterException and is used to indicate that an IO error of some sort has occurred while printing.

Package java.awt.print Description

Provides classes and interfaces for a general printing API. The API includes such features as:


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Java™ Platform
Standard Ed. 7

DRAFT ea-b118

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