emulator - Mobile Emulator Testing Utility (Windows and Mac)


emulator  - Mobile Emulator Testing Utility


emulator [argument]

Basic command syntax:

emulator -Xdescriptor:jad_file

where jad_file is the file generated by processing the class files in a JavaFX application using the javafxpackager -profile mobile option.


The JavaFX Mobile Emulator simulates a mobile phone. The emulator runs compiled classes that are built by using the javafxpackager tool. For your code to be compatible with the emulator, you must use the Common and Mobile APIs.

The emulator opens a window with a mobile phone skin, runs the CLDC/MIDP (Java ME) stack, and runs your JavaFX application on top of the stack. Thus, you can run your JavaFX application within a Java ME runtime environment for testing and development purposes.


Display version information about the emulator.
Display a list of valid arguments.
-Xdescriptor:<JAD file name>
Required. Specify the JAD file to be executed.
Use a remote debugger.
-Xrunjdwp:[transport=<transport>,address=<address>,server=<y/n> suspend=<y/n>]
Start a Java debug wire protocol session, as specified by a list of comma-separated debugging settings. The -Xdebug option must also be used.
Select a device skin for the emulator.
Set the security domain for the MIDlet suite.
-Xautotest:<JAD file url>
Run in autotest mode.
-Xjam[:install=<JAD file url> | force | list | storageNames | run=[<storage name> | <storage number>] | remove=[<storage name> | <storage number> |all]]
Java Application Manager and support for Over The Air provisioning (OTA).
Print device information.

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