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Data Transfer
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Data Transfer

The Swing toolkit supports the ability to transfer data between components within the same Java application, between different Java applications, and between Java and native applications. Data can be transferred via a drag and drop gesture, or via the clipboard using cut, copy, and paste.

Drag and Drop

Drag-and-drop support can be easily enabled for many of Swing's components (sometimes with a single line of code). For example, it's trivial to enable drag and drop and copy and paste support for JTable, Swing's table component. All you need to provide is the data representing the selection and how to get your data from the clipboard — that's it!

Cut, Copy, and Paste

Most of the text-based components, such as editor pane and text field, support cut/copy and paste out of the box. Of course, menu items need to be created and "wired up" to the appropriate actions. Other components, such as list and tree, can support cut, copy, and paste with some minimal work.

PasswordStore supports data transfer in a variety of ways:

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