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Questions and Exercises: Laying Out Components within a Container


In each of the following questions, choose the layout manager(s) most naturally suited for the described layout. Assume that the container controlled by the layout manager is a JPanel. [Hint: Two sections that might help are A Visual Index to Swing Components and Tips on Choosing a Layout Manager.]

1. The container has one component that should take up as much space as possible

Layout1-1.png Layout1-2.png

a. BorderLayout
b. GridLayout
c. GridBagLayout
d. a and b
e. b and c

2. The container has a row of components that should all be displayed at the same size, filling the container’s entire area.

Layout2-1.png Layout2-2.png

a. FlowLayout
b. GridLayout
c. BoxLayout
d. a and b

3. The container displays a number of components in a column, with any extra space going between the first two components.

Layout3-1.png Layout3-2.png

a. FlowLayout
b. BoxLayout
c. GridLayout
d. BorderLayout

4. The container can display three completely different components at different times, depending perhaps on user input or program state. Even if the components’ sizes differ, switching from one component to the next shouldn’t change the amount of space devoted to the component.

Layout4-1.png Layout4-2.png

a. SpringLayout
b. BoxLayout
c. CardLayout
d. GridBagLayout


1. Implement the layout described and shown in question 1.

2. Implement the layout described and shown in question 2.

3. Implement the layout described and shown in question 3.

4. Implement the layout described and shown in question 4.

5. By adding a single line of code, make the program you wrote for Exercise 2 display the components from right-to-left, instead of from left-to-right.

Layout2-3.png Check your answers.

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