JavaFX 8.0

Класс ColorPicker

    • Constructor Detail

      • ColorPicker

        public ColorPicker()
        Creates a default ColorPicker instance with a selected color set to white.
      • ColorPicker

        public ColorPicker(Color color)
        Creates a ColorPicker instance and sets the selected color to the given color.
        color - to be set as the currently selected color of the ColorPicker.
    • Method Detail

      • createDefaultSkin

        protected Skin<?> createDefaultSkin()
        Create a new instance of the default skin for this control. This is called to create a skin for the control if no skin is provided via CSS -fx-skin or set explicitly in a sub-class with setSkin(...).
        createDefaultSkin in class Control
        new instance of default skin for this control. If null then the control will have no skin unless one is provided by css.

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