21.3. MySQL Connector/J

21.3.1. Overview of MySQL Connector/J
21.3.2. Connector/J Versions
21.3.3. Connector/J Installation
21.3.4. Connector/J Examples
21.3.5. Connector/J (JDBC) Reference
21.3.6. JDBC Concepts
21.3.7. Connection Pooling with Connector/J
21.3.8. Load Balancing with Connector/J
21.3.9. Failover with Connector/J
21.3.10. Using the Connector/J Interceptor Classes
21.3.11. Using Connector/J with Tomcat
21.3.12. Using Connector/J with JBoss
21.3.13. Using Connector/J with Spring
21.3.14. Using Connector/J with GlassFish
21.3.15. Troubleshooting Connector/J Applications
21.3.16. Connector/J Support

This section explains how to configure and develop Java applications with MySQL Connector/J, the JDBC driver that is integrated with MySQL.

For release notes detailing the changes in each release of Connector/J, see MySQL Connector/J Release Notes.

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