21.2. MySQL Connector/Net

21.2.1. Connector/Net Versions
21.2.2. Connector/Net Installation
21.2.3. Connector/Net Visual Studio Integration
21.2.4. Connector/Net Tutorials
21.2.5. Connector/Net Programming
21.2.6. Connector/Net Connection String Options Reference
21.2.7. Connector/Net Support for Windows Store
21.2.8. EF 5 Support
21.2.9. Connector/Net API Reference
21.2.10. Connector/Net Support
21.2.11. Connector/Net FAQ

Connector/Net lets you easily develop .NET applications that require secure, high-performance data connectivity with MySQL. It implements the required ADO.NET interfaces and integrates into ADO.NET-aware tools. Developers can build applications using their choice of .NET languages. Connector/Net is a fully managed ADO.NET driver written in 100% pure C#. It does not use the MySQL C client library.

For release notes detailing the changes in each release of Connector/Net, see MySQL Connector/Net Release Notes.

Connector/Net includes full support for:

This document is intended as a user's guide to Connector/Net and includes a full syntax reference. Syntax information is also included within the MySql.Data.chm file included with the Connector/Net distribution.

If you are using MySQL 5.0 or later, and Visual Studio as your development environment, you can also use the MySQL Visual Studio Plugin. The plugin acts as a DDEX (Data Designer Extensibility) provider: you can use the data design tools within Visual Studio to manipulate the schema and objects within a MySQL database. For more information, see Section 21.2.3, "Connector/Net Visual Studio Integration".


From Connector/Net 5.1 through 6.6, the Visual Studio Plugin is part of the main Connector/Net package. Starting with 6.7, the Visual Studio Plugin has been separated out into it's own product. The MySQL for Visual Studio Plugin release notes can be found at MySQL Connector/Net Release Notes.

MySQL Connector/Net supports full versions of Visual Studio 2008, 2010, and 2012, although the extent of support may be limited depending on your versions of MySQL Connector/Net and Visual Studio. For details, see Section 21.2.3, "Connector/Net Visual Studio Integration".

MySQL Connector/Net does not support Express versions of Microsoft products, including Microsoft Visual Web Developer.

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