8.5.8. Optimizing InnoDB Configuration Variables

Different settings work best for servers with light, predictable loads, versus servers that are running near full capacity all the time, or that experience spikes of high activity.

Because the InnoDB storage engine performs many of its optimizations automatically, many performance-tuning tasks involve monitoring to ensure that the database is performing well, and changing configuration options when performance drops. See Section, "Integration with the MySQL Performance Schema" for information about detailed InnoDB performance monitoring.

For information about the most important and most recent InnoDB performance features, see Section, "InnoDB Performance and Scalability Enhancements". Even if you have used InnoDB tables in prior versions, these features might be new to you, because they are from the "InnoDB Plugin". The Plugin co-existed alongside the built-in InnoDB in MySQL 5.1, and becomes the default storage engine in MySQL 5.5 and higher.

The main configuration steps you can perform include:

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