5.5. Online DDL for InnoDB Tables

5.5.1. Overview of Online DDL
5.5.2. Performance and Concurrency Considerations for Online DDL
5.5.3. SQL Syntax for Online DDL
5.5.4. Combining or Separating DDL Statements
5.5.5. Examples of Online DDL
5.5.6. Implementation Details of Online DDL
5.5.7. How Crash Recovery Works with Online DDL
5.5.8. DDL for Partitioned Tables
5.5.9. Limitations of Online DDL

You can perform several kinds of online DDL operations on InnoDB tables: that is, allowing DML operations and queries on the table while the DDL is in progress, performing the operation "in-place" without rebuilding the entire table, or both. This enhancement has the following benefits:

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