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JavaTM 2 Platform
Std. Ed. v1.3.1

Interface ChangeListener

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractButton.ButtonChangeListener, JMenuItem.AccessibleJMenuItem, JScrollPane.AccessibleJScrollPane, JTabbedPane.AccessibleJTabbedPane, JTabbedPane.ModelListener, BasicMenuUI.ChangeHandler, BasicProgressBarUI.ChangeHandler, BasicTabbedPaneUI.TabSelectionHandler, BasicScrollBarUI.ModelListener, BasicButtonListener, BasicScrollPaneUI.ViewportChangeHandler, BasicScrollPaneUI.HSBChangeListener, BasicScrollPaneUI.VSBChangeListener, BasicSliderUI.ChangeHandler

public interface ChangeListener
extends EventListener

Defines an object which listens for ChangeEvents.

Method Summary
 void stateChanged(ChangeEvent e)
          Invoked when the target of the listener has changed its state.

Method Detail


public void stateChanged(ChangeEvent e)
Invoked when the target of the listener has changed its state.
e - a ChangeEvent object

JavaTM 2 Platform
Std. Ed. v1.3.1

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